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Compounding results in a customized medication prepared by a pharmacist, according to a doctor's specifications to meet an individual patient's needs.

Avenel Pharmacy is committed to the art and science of pharmacy compounding with over 10 years experience, our pharmacists receive advanced training in extemporaneous compounding techniques. Our state of the art laboratory contains only the latest and most sophisticated equipment available. Our laminar flow air hood is used in the preparation of sterile products, including eye drops, injectables, and chemotherapy treatments for oncology medication preparations.

 Benefits of Compounding
  • Individual patient dosages. Medication doses adjusted for pediatric or veterinary use.

  • Drugs that are not commercially available. Manufacturer deleted products or back ordered products can be compounded.

  • Forms that are not commercially available. Compounding allows the best drug delivery system options for patients and physicians. Oral, injectable, rectal and transdermal routes are among the few.

  • Eliminate preservatives, dyes or possible allergens. Patients who have specific allergies to certain fillers and dyes in prescription medications can have dye or preservative free medications compounded.

  • Diabetic patients. Sugar free medications can be formulated.

  • Feeding tube. Medications can be converted to suspensions or solutions for administration thorough a feeding tube.

 Compound Dosage Forms

Capsules Enemas Intravenous Injections Penile Injections
Suppositories Transderamal Gels & Creams Topical Sprays Lip Balms
Eye and Ear drops Hormone Implants Preservative Free Injectables Oral Suspensions
Nasal Sprays Powders Oral troches / lozenges Hospice formulations

and much, much more

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